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CCEMS Expands Community Outreach Programs
by: Barbara Payne

Cypress Creek EMS is significantly expanding its community education activities and has added staff and programs to support the new outreach efforts. Kendra Windisch (right) joins the team as Community Relations Coordinator and Vicki Whitt (left)  is the Service’s new CPR and First Aid Coordinator.

According to CCEMS Executive Director, Brad England, “As we celebrate our 25th year of serving our Northwest community, we felt it was entirely appropriate to reach out to our neighbors and local businesses to offer life-saving programs and educational opportunities. Compared to where we started out in 1975, there are so many techniques available to us today that can make a life-or-death difference in serious trauma injuries and previously fatal cardiac events or strokes. Some of this technology,” England explained, “such as CPR, First Aid and defibrillator skills, for example, can be learned by just about everyone. That’s why we are making this instruction available throughout our service area a priority in the years ahead. We have the skills and we want to share them.”

Windisch received her B.S. degree from Sam Houston State University with a double major in Health Education and Psychology, and went on to earn a Masters of Arts in Health Education from that same institution. Before joining CCEMS, she was Program Director for Prevent Blindness Texas and previously served as Student Services Coordinator for ITT Technical Institute. Kendra and husband, Scott (Deputy Chief at Ponderosa Volunteer Fire Department), are the proud parents of a two year old son.

Windisch points out that, “It is so important for people to understand that prevention measures and life-saving skills training can go a long way toward keeping ourselves and the ones we love safe and healthy. Consider the difference CPR training can make, for example. Just a decade ago, few people knew how to perform this maneuver and would often have to stand by helplessly while someone suffered a heart attack or stopped breathing.

Today, thanks to a lot of national publicity and television medical dramas, most people know about the technique and may even have seen it performed. Last year alone, there were 440,075 people in Texas who were trained in this valuable skill. We are offering opportunities for training to local businesses and public institutions, to retail outlets, to educators and bankers -- to anyone who wants to learn, in fact. If the opportunity ever came up for you to save a life, wouldn’t you want to be prepared to respond effectively?”

Vicki Whitt is the new CCEMS CPR and First Aid Coordinator. She served in a similar position for Northwest EMS until joining Cypress Creek, and is certified as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher, Emergency Medical Technician-Basic, Basic Life Support Instructor through the American Heart Association, and as a Community CPR and First Aid Instructor through the American Red Cross. Vicki is a single mom with a 4 year old son.

“I am delighted to be a part of such an aggressive program to educate people about how to save lives,” she said enthusiastically. “We all know that accidents do happen – even to those we love and care about – and outcomes are certainly better if we are prepared to deal with emergency situations by providing the appropriate care in a timely manner.”

“We are especially excited about our new CPR program for businesses,” said Windisch. “It is designed not only to make it easier for local companies to provide critical CPR and First Aid training for their employees, but also to help the participating companies and retailers let their customers know that they are prepared to help out in case of an emergency at their facility. Our C.P.R.Caring People Responding – program includes several different levels of participation with the option for point-of-sale information materials (signs and banners, counter signs, camera ready art for use in advertising programs) as well as incentive/ recognition items such as buttons, koozies, mugs, T-shirts, certificates, and pins for participating employees.”

Epsilon Engineering's staff members learn CPR

Windisch said that promotional packets are available to encourage local businesses to sign up. Participating companies will be listed on the CCEMS web site  ( as having provided the training opportunity for employees.

“This is truly a win/win situation,” the program coordinator pointed out. “Here is a chance to provide training in life-saving techniques for employers at a very nominal cost. Having people who know CPR and First Aid not only makes your place of business safer for employees, but for customers, as well. I think that is a marketable commodity of special importance to customers who may be heart attack survivors and provides a little extra sense of security for shoppers.”

The life-blood of an organization like CCEMS is its volunteers. Most people think only of the trained medical volunteers who, day after day, respond to 9-1-1 calls throughout the service area for emergency assistance, and are not aware that there are other services that can be met by volunteers, as well.

“We always have a need for non-medical drivers, for example,” Kendra said. “There may not be the typical office-type volunteer assignments at CCEMS, but with our expanding community outreach efforts, we definitely need to recruit some new non-medical volunteers to help make this program a reality. That’s why we have introduced our new Auxiliary T.E.A.M. – an acronym that stands for Training, Education, Awareness and Motivation.”

“The mission of the T.E.A.M. is to attract medical and non-medical members who are dedicated to prevention-based training, education and awareness and who are motivated to help provide health and safety related programs for our neighbors in the community we serve. It is from this group that we hope to draw potential paramedics for coming decades and to bolster our medical volunteer ranks,"  Kendra explained.

"This program also offers a meaningful volunteer experience for others in our service area who are looking for a rewarding and fulfilling personal service commitment. We see the potential, for example, in helping retired teachers to recycle their career skills by training them as CPR and First Aid instructors. There are also teens who are searching for something meaningful to do that will expose them to a future career option. Again, the T.E.A.M. program can help meet the service needs of people in a wide range of age groups and provide much needed assistance in enabling us to expand CCEMS programs.”

Kendra and Vicki have the contagious enthusiasm, creativity and management skills to make these outreach programs work and they are actively looking for “recruits.” Anyone who is interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities or who would like to schedule a training program for their company or organization, please call 281-440-9650 and ask for the Community Relations department.




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